We built Gimme Bar because we want to transform your relationship with your content.

It’s a nerdy but noble pursuit. It addresses a problem that most people don’t realize they have, because it’s not yet obvious just how broken content is on the Web.

The truth is, the Web we have today favors products over people. Companies over individuals. There’s got to be a better way! Gimme Bar believes that you are more important than the products you use. We also believe that over the next 10 to 20 years, products will come and go, but you will remain.

In our ideal world, you are the center of your content universe.

Floating in orbit around you are your friends, your photos, your recipes, your status updates, and any other content that you create or discover. All of these lovely things - your things - are safely and effortlessly backed up and right at your fingertips, ready to do your bidding in case the need to share a GIF or track down a recipe should arise out of the blue.

We won’t rest until we’ve built a place where you and your content can can live happily ever after.